Artist-Jucivaldo Tavares

Completed his first studies at MAM, Museum of Modern Art, in Salvador da Bahia,Brazil 1996 Later continued with Advanced studies at MAM in Sao Paulo,1998 MAM at the University of Sao Paulo ECA ,1999-2003


Tavares’s style of painting

What interests Tavares the most is give expression to an art marked harmony in the composition and in the colours, that contains field of strong but trnquil colours that harmonizes with the environment.Without generating  doubts and cause polemics ,the technical capacity of the composition of the paintings creates a diversity of visions tied to the fields of strong but trnquil colours.


Tavares has participated in various exhibitions


1999 Joint student exhibition at MAM Sao Paulo

1999 Student Gallery at MAM,Sao Paulo

2000 Gallery art 65 ,Sao Paulo

2001 Student Biennual ,Sao Paulo

2002 Brazil cultural Biennaul,Rio de Janeiro

2003 MAM, Biennual,Sao Paulo

2004 Institute Project -france,Salvador,Bahia

2005 Gallery Solar do Ferrao,Salvador,Bahia

2005 Hotel Quatro Rodas,Salvador,Bahia

2005 Shoping Aeroculb,atlje studio,Salvador Bahia

2005 Casa Cor,Salvador,Bahia

2006 Gallery Project IPAC , Salvador ,Bahia

2006 German Languange School, Salvador,Bahia

2007 Galleri Ängeln,Lund, Sweden

2007 Joint exhibition at Galleri Ängeln, Lund, Sweden

2008 Institute Art Gallery, Berkeley USA

2008 Mechanica Institute San Francisco USA

2008 Art Gallery  La pista,San francisco USA

2008 Galleri Rapsbollen,Sweden

2008 Lilla Galleriet,Göteborg,Sweden

2008 Galleri Infra,Stockholm,Sweden

2008 Galleri Pictor,Sweden

2008 Joint exhibition,Ishuset Göteborg

2009 Galleri ScandArt Galleri,Höllviken,Sweden

2009 Galleri Ängeln,Lund,Sweden

2009 Galleri Bergman

2009 Aoseum Galleri,Åhus, Sweden

2009 Konst kulturhus,Hässleholm

2009 Modern Art,Milano,Itali

2009 Konst Galleri i Åhus,Sweden

2009 Rapsbollen Galleri konstrunda Österlen

2010 De Larte studio, San Francisco,USA

2010 Galleri 101 Malmö,Sweden

2010 Galleri Ängeln,Lund,Sweden

2010 Konst Glleri i Åhus,Sweden

2010 Art sutdio, Berkeley,USA

2010 Rapsbollen Galleri konstrunda Österlen

2010 Konst Art, Lyon,France

2010 Galleri Ängel Sommar utställning Madeleine Pyk, timo Solin, Jucivaldo Tavares,

2011 Galleri Norre Port,Hamstad,Sweden

2011 Galleri101,Malmö, Sweden

2011 Konst Galleri i Åhus, Sweden

2011Galleri Gamla Staden,Landskrona,Sweden

2011 Swensson fine art Gallery,Lagunna,USA

2012 Hasse&Tage Museet &Galleriet i Tomalilla Konst Rundan

2012 Galeri Ängeln Lund

2912 Höör Konsthall

2012 Sölvesborgs Konsthall

2012 Galleri Abbek’s

2013 Axel Ebbes Konsthall  i Trelleborg

2013 Galleri Grönland i Malung

2013 Galleri Tegel Bruket i Helsingborg

2013 Sommar utställning på  Mildahn Galleri i Hven

2013 Galleri Jäger & Jansson i Lund

2013 Galleri K  i Oxelösund

2013 Galleri Stallet i Falsterbo

2013 The Gallery Steiner i Viena

2014  Konst Galleri Vadstena

2014 Galleri Holm- Malmö

2014 Galleri Mildan  Hven konstrundan

2014 Philip Art Gallery

2014 Vetlanda Konsthall

2014 Art international Magazine

2014 Hörby Höstsalong

2014 Galleri Amare -Norge

2015 Galleri Amare -Norge

2015 Konst Galleri Århus

2015 Galleri Natt i malmö

2015 Saab Grupp-art

2015 Sebastian Gallery Berkley , USA

2016 Galleri Abbekås – Påskrunda

2016 Konsthall Lysekils

2016 Gallery Em.exhibbit, NZ

2016 Galleri Kim Anstensen


2017 Sjöbo konsthall

2017 Galleri Jäger&Jansson

2017 Gallery Lohme

2017 Gocart gallery – Visby

2017 Sommarsalongen Vimmerby konsthall

2017 Galleri fabrik i Torekov – grupp utställning

2017 Lizas gallery – Danmark

2018 Galleri Hultman

2018 Konsthall blickfånget – Värmano

2018 Galleri Lohme – Malmö

2018  Borlänge  Konsthall- Borlänge



Group exhibition

Galleri Ängeln – Timo Solin, Katarina Hård,Madeleine Pyk , Danka Jaworska och Jucivaldo Tavares

Galleri Jäger&Jansson – Gustav Sundin, Jucivaldo Tavares


Tavares Artist cooperate-

Galleri Kim Anstensen  – Göteborg

Galleri Amare – Stavanger Norge

Galleri Jäger&jansson -Lund

Galleri BNK- Helsingborg

Konstgalleri i Åhus


Associations purchasing

Tetrapak,Axis Communication,Gambro,Hässleholm,Alfa Laval,Vattenfall, Eriksson,Astrazeneca,Eon,Skanska,McNeil  skatteverket and Mkk Malmö.


Tavares`s work of art can be found in countries in the world,such as: Canada,Italy,The United States,Germany,Chile,Austia,Portugal, Spain,Filand,Costa Rica,Norway,Switzerland,Denmark,Sweden,Belgian,China,Great Britain,Japan,New Zeeland,Argentina,Luxembourg, Holland and family Rausing`s Tetra Pak.